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Hello everyone,

this’s my version 3 of the underwater blueprint.

In this version, I add many features to give you a more realistic look at your underwater environment.

What’s new: interactive sand, foam splash, bubbles, corals, animated sea animals, a school of fish, dirt particles, a new color system, a new water surface and more. Also, it comes with 4 amazing underwater scenes all included and ready to test your assets into those scenes.

Check the tutorial video below to learn how to use it.

9 reviews for Underwater_BlueprintV3

  1. Kabbir Seth

    Kabbir (verified owner)

    Dear Karim, Hope this message finds you well. I’m writing in regards to my Order Number 50446 for the purchase of Underwater_BlueprintV3 on November 23, 2023.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been encountering network errors every time I attempt to download the product. I’ve previously sent an email regarding this issue. Could you kindly provide a downloadable link that resolves this issue?

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    ryuuzi (verified owner)

    Hello, respect you
    I’m Japanese YouTuber【SHIMANEJIN】.
    I’m a Japanese student learning Unreal Engine.

    I love the work you work so hard to create.
    Underwater_BlueprintV3 is a very beautiful and amazing system.
    Mr Karim abou shousha is an amazing human being and a god.
    I love Underwater_BlueprintV3.
    special Thank you very much.

    Japanese subtitles please
    I want Japanese subtitles for Mr Karim abou shousha Unreal Engine course on YouTube.

    I want to learn more about Unreal Engine.
    I respect you.

  3. ryuuzi (verified owner)

    Help me
    I purchased Underwater_BlueprintV3 on November 30, 2023, but I can’t download it. Why?

  4. ryuuzi (verified owner)

    Download completed successfully
    Thank you for making such a beautiful Underwater_BlueprintV3
    We would like to thank Mr. Karim Abu Shousha.
    I was surprised at how awesome the free update aquarium is.
    I look forward to the future products you create.

    I respect you YouTube [SHIMANEJIN]
    thank you very much

    I respect Mr. Karim Abu Shousha’s hard work.
    have a nice day

    • Karim Aboushousha

      Karim Aboushousha (verified owner)

      Thank you it my pleasure.❤️

  5. VE (verified owner)

    I also cannot download, and the contact form does not appear to work either.

    • Karim Aboushousha

      Karim Aboushousha (verified owner)

      Can you provide your email please i will send you google drive access.

  6. ve (verified owner)

    I don’t really want to put it on web in freeform – it’d be on the comment though? The order no was 50481. Apologies for polluting the reviews, but I really didn’t see any other way to contact – I sent something to the address on the confirmation email, but no response.


    • Karim Aboushousha

      Karim Aboushousha (verified owner)

      No problem at all you did the right thing.

  7. Tim (verified owner)

    If the download is interrupted, use the Download Master extension for your browser, it supports resume downloading files.

  8. Randy Jung

    rloads (verified owner)

    Just bought it, order 50519.
    Downloading keeps disconnecting.
    How to I get it? Is there any other stable download location I can get?

  9. YanTing Ye

    Yanting Ye (verified owner)

    I feel that purchasing assets on this website is not very convenient because there is no download option after purchasing assets. We need to contact you to provide us with the download address for Google Cloud Drive. If there are any updates to the assets, we have not received the channel. We hope to improve. Thank you. Meanwhile, I would like to obtain the latest download address for the purchased asset. Thank you

    • Karim Aboushousha

      Karim Aboushousha (verified owner)

      Thanks for your feedback im currently working on this option and sorry about that i will be available very soon.

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